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  Een blog van volant om mensen te helpen een natuurlijk en gezond leven te leiden.   


So stärkt die “Essenz der Pflanze” Weiblichkeit

Christina Webers Weg zur Aromatherapie begann mit einem Schild in Australien. Mit ihrem Wissen hilft sie vor allem Frauen, ihre innere Kraft und Selbstliebe zu wecken. Wie sie das macht und welche ätherischen Öle besonders geeignet sind, um Weiblichkeit zu stärken, erzählt sie im Gespräch mit Volant.

Essential Oils, Women and Self-Love

Christina Weber's path to aromatherapy began with a sign in Australia. She uses her knowledge to help women awaken their inner power and self-love. In an interview with Volant, she explains how she does this and which essential oils are particularly suitable for strengthening the feminine.

Volant and Mint: A match made in heaven

At Volant, we are thrilled to announce our collaboration with top Dutch interior design company Mint Interieur. Mint’s clean, calm, chic approach to spaces perfectly aligns with Volant’s approach to design and wellness. 


How to use essential oils for gout

Gout affects up to 5% of the population, depending where you live.But you don’t have to let gout get the better of you. Pain, inflammation, swelling and reduced joint mobility are not something you have to suffer through.

How to use essential oils for vertigo

If the world suddenly starts spinning, you feel dizzy and you have problems hearing and focusing, you’ve probably got vertigo!

Women’s health and aromatherapy

In the last few years, the wise woman wellness trend has emerged, bringing a focus to female health and finding natural, healthy ways to treat any issues that arise.

Tips & Recepten

Top 20 Essential Oil Recipes

Een goed etherische olie recept doet veel meer dan alleen je huis heerlijk en uitnodigend laten ruiken. Elk recept heeft zijn eigen set van andere voordelen die je mentale, fysieke en emotionele welzijn kunnen verbeteren.

Aromatherapie Badolie Recepten waar je van zult houden

Whether you're looking to unwind after a stressful day, relieve sore muscles or unblock your sinuses, a hot bath with aromatherapy bath oil may be just what you need.

Aromatherapie op het werk

Een geheime productiviteit hack is het gebruik van aromatherapie op het werk. Etherische oliën kunnen jouw energie stimuleren en stress verminderen, jouw stemming verbeteren en jouw focus verhogen.


Interview - Cynthia Tamlyn

We all want to feel safe, and Cynthia Tamlyn believes that aromatherapy has the power to do just that. She’s got the experience to back up this belief, and she’s seen just how much of an impact the right scent can have on children and adults.

Interview - Alicia Rae

Alicia understands the true healing power of plants and how essential oils can be used to improve your life in so many ways.

Interview - Amy Anthony

Is the antidote to your anxiety hiding in your garden? Is the herb in that pot the remedy for hair loss? Or is what you thought was a weed actually the ingredient your soup recipe has been lacking?  

Benieuwd wat etherische oliën voor jou kunnen doen?


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